I used to work as a day laborer when I was young. However, now in my old age, I can no longer work the way I used to. My only asset in life is my mud home. My wife and I never had any children. It is only the two of us in this world. We don’t have anyone to depend on. We have several health conditions due to our old age, but are very thankful to still have each other. The only thing I worry about is having three meals a day for my wife and I. I have never begged others and I never want to beg. The problem is it is becoming impossible day by day for me to bring money or food back home to my wife.” Khairat Ali, age 65 from Tetolia union at Dinajpur district (a victim of the Bangladesh flood). Projects for Humanity wanted to provide him with a long-term sustainable solution.He was able to reach a P4H volunteer’s home and was given one cow as a donation. In a few months, the cow’s milk will provide regular income.