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P4H always focuses on donors and recipients, and works as a bridge to connect both. We will analyze what does the donor what to help with, and what do underprivileged people need, and then carry out this task to the best plan and method available. Our donors will be able to choose the program they want to donate to, and thus are even more happy. Everything we do is transparent. Our work is done by volunteers so there are no administrative costs.

Happy donors

We will work with you to fully understand what you want to achieve for the needy people and plan accordingly to implement it.

Custom donation program

You can donate to a particular cause that you care about and feel you want to make the most impact to.

$0 administrative cost

Work performed by volunteers, volunteers are at the heart of the projects to make each project possible


Yearly reports about each projects costs and evaluations of how we spend the money, and IRS tax file.

Zakat eligible

Give your zakat to those who need it. P4H makes sure your zakat will go to zakat eligible programs to help the poor and needy.

Tax deductible

All the money that you donate to P4H are tax deductible in United States of America. 

Help orphan children

No one has ever become poor by giving

No child becomes an orphan by choice. I don’t remember, how many times my child called me ‘baba’ today. But millions of orphans do not have this blessing.





Check our spectrum of experiences


Education and development

We educate, guide, and develop children to become leaders of the future.


Faster relief delivery

When a disaster strikes, we respond quickly with the necessary items.


Skilled with full orphan care

P4H takes orphans and supports their growth and education until University.


Expertise of Rohingya refugees

Local volunteers able to analyze current conditions, and make best possible decisions on type of aid needed.


Empowering society

Provide income generating tools to underprivileged people and empower them to make a sustainable society.


Volunteer organization

100% of our work are performed by volunteers. We engage, teach, and develop volunteers as leaders of society.