“My wife and I always dreamed of having children and raising them to be educated. We wanted our children to have better lives than us. After many years of trying to conceive, we realized maybe we were not meant to have children of our own. However, I was not ready to let go of our dream. We decided that we could still have a family and decided to adopt an orphan girl. God had plans we did not know of. After some time, we were surprised and blessed with a daughter of our own. After so many years thinking we would not have children; now we had two daughters. We were so happy to send both our daughters to school. Sending children to school is an additional expense apart from our living expense and food. My wife and I work hard in other people’s fields. However, our income is not increasing because field work is based on seasonal demand. We are both still young and capable of working; so we don’t want to resort to begging. We want to work but there is no other work and it is becoming difficult. Due to my limited resources, I don’t know what to do. I am struggling to lead my family and not sure if I can fulfill our dream of raising educated daughters.” Jonab Ali, age 35 from Tetolia union at Dinajpur district (a Bangladesh flood victim). He was able to pick up a motorized rickshaw cart donated by Projects for Humanity. He is able to earn extra income by transporting, distributing, and/or selling goods. He can also use it as a form of transportation for the village people. Now his dream of improving his family situation and continuing his children’s education is becoming a reality.