Covid-19 Grant

Our Response

We are inviting those economically affected by COVID-19 to apply for our COVID19 Emergency Response Grant. Successful applicants will be awarded a grant for use towards bills (electric, gas, utility, phone a result of quarantine and/or work and school closures.)

Selection Criteria

Projects for Humanity invites applications of all ethnic and religious backgrounds. Preference will be given to applicants based on the criteria outlined below:

  • Job loss
  • Family Income
  • Family Size
  • Nature of family (preference toward single-headed households)
  • Estimated expenses vs income

Submission Criteria

Please submit all application materials to Projects for Humanity using the google form link. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Funds are available on a first come, first serve basis until the depletion of fund availability. If you have already submitted an application, please do not re-apply as your application will not be accepted.

The program will end when (1) State Emergencies have been lifted or (2) the program funds have been fully utilized, whichever is sooner.

All applications must be filled with all the information and the below documents are uploaded:

  1. Photocopy of Photo ID (Driving license or passport)
  2. Proof of financial standing (last 2 pay stubs)
  3. All the bills that are due
Any incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Due to the anticipated number of applications, we will not be able to communicate with all applicants to inform them of their status. Successful applicants will be contacted within seven (7) days of their submission for phone screening.

* These documents will be secured and treated with full confidentiality. No documents will be shared with a third-party. They will be used solely to help us verify the veracity of the application. All electronic and hard copy documents of unsuccessful applicants will be destroyed.

If any of the above items are not submitted, you will not qualify for this grant. Please provide justification for any items that are not submitted

Post-submission Requirements

After application review, you will be contacted through email ( and phone for phone screening if you are selected. After the phone screening, Projects for Humanity may ask for more information or documents. If any of the further required documents are not submitted, you will not qualify for this grant. Further documents are not limited to:

  • Proof of financial standing (Previous 2 months of Bank Statements)
  • Job Termination letter
  • Proof of address (Utility bill)
  • If Married, Spouse‚Äôs Photocopy of Photo ID (Driving license or passport)

Grant Approval

Once you are approved for the grant, check (s) will be mailed to your address

Apply for a grant Click