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  • Launch of Orphan Project Ceremony in Rajshahi, Bangladesh: 

    We have launched this project with orphans in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Going forward, the orphans are the responsibility of Projects for Humanity. P4H will provide for their education, living expenses, and food.  At the ceremony, the children were introduced to their teachers, caretakers, given new clothes, and school supplies.

    March 30 @ 7:00 am at Chapai Nababgonj, Bangladesh
  • P4H launched an IT training center in Chapai Nababgonj, Bangladesh, in 2019. The goal is to empower young men to create a better life for themselves and their family. A key to this is to give them training that provides them with relevant skills that match with their career and jobs. The outcome of this program are enormous, since this training added extra value to their resume. This has also resulted in a plan whereby participants in the programme also operate a IT business.

    May 3 - May 4 at Chapai Nababgonj, Bangladesh
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